Sadly, we are closing once-a-quarter. Thanks to everyone for the great times. Here is a little video celebrating our work over the past several years.

Welcome to once-a-quarter, a collaboration of Victoria based small businesses committed to making Victoria the best it can be.  We’ve always known that those who make a difference in our community devote hours of their time for low or no pay. We decided that now is the right time to leverage our skills, challenge ourselves and channel our volunteer hours in the best possible way. Once a quarter, we donate the following to an organization who makes a difference in our community:

  1. A day of strategic think space, designed and facilitated by three facilitators
  2. A graphic recording of that day
  3. A meeting room, lunch, and refreshments for up to 40 people for that day

This equals a total package value of $8000 – $10,000.

Our Vision

facilitating strategic think space for those who make a difference in our community

Our Values

  • collaboration – we have known the power of collaboration in our own lives and businesses and want to share that with others
  • giving back – we want to give back to our community in a way that takes advantage of our skills and makes a difference
  • mutual learning and growth – we want to help others learn and grow while we learn and grow with them
  • commitment to making an impact – we are committed to our work having impact with those with whom we work
  • fun and enjoyment – we have fun in our work and we want to share that with others